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About Us



SOA Corporate / The value of the group

SOA Corporate is a group comprised of six companies with a significant and successful experience in the field of logistics, transportation, and distribution. One consolidated centre of professionalism, expertise, methodologies, and tools capable of outsourcing the services of the companies through the value of synergy and the potential of cooperation, in a constant dialogue with clients and the market.



Philosophy / A new business model

SOA Corporate stands as reference point representative that aims at improving the business of each client, thanks to its innovative ability of being the centre of, and at the same time, the converging point for the logistics, transportation, and distribution sector. SOA Corporate represents a new business model capable of evolving, of accepting challenges, and of enthusiastically opening up to a world that is constantly changing.



Mission / Individuals and vehicles at the service of clients

SOA Corporate is a group based on individuals and vehicles, where the project to achieve is transformed into a collaboration and sharing of objectives and results. Thanks to an overall view of the process, SOA Corporate reliably and promptly responds to the needs of each client by providing qualified services and materials that are in line with market trends.



Business model / Dynamism, expertise, sharing

SOA Corporate is a group with a consortium-based objective consisting in six companies specialized in the logistics sector and in the products and services related to it: Soa, -20 srl, GLS, Cs Metalli, New Tecnoservice, and Jo&Le. The strength of this new business model lies all in the partnership among the various companies that, together, allow clients to reduce costs and, in turn, allows the clients to increase their business efficiency by reducing time and space that is wasted.


Logistics Individuals and vehicles Transport
Platforms served 70 Human Resources 1017 Travel orders processed (year) 74 thous
Parcels moved (year) 110 mln Vehicles 211 Kms travelled 9,5 mln
Platforms served 70
Parcels moved (year) 110 mln
Individuals and Vehicles
Human Resources 1017
Vehicles 211
Travel orders processed (year) 74 thous
Kms travelled 9,4 mln



Management / Family as a team

SOA Corporate is comprised of a team of professionals who confront themselves on a daily basis with the market, seeking the best solutions to support companies in the most difficult challenges. A big family united by the same vision, the same values, and the same passion for its work.