SOA Corporate

A real family shares the same values

Challenge, ideas, courage, dynamism, reciprocal trust, these are only some of the indispensable qualities we believe in and on which SOA Corporate stands.
All our works, all the divisions of our services are characterized by commitment, attention and constant improvement, because only in time a solid idea of business can be built.
In order to meet all our clients’ requirement in a fast and satisfactory manner, we comply with our values every day and we rely on the great passion which moves us towards the highest level of efficiency.


Oronzo Angiulli
Sole Administrator, SOA Corporate

Honesty, loyalty, transparency, reliability: the values which have made SOA successful.
But also the ability to dream and rising to challenges. SOA has always searched for new horizons and acknowledged people’s value, that allowed it to become a leader.


Francesco Angiulli
Business Manager, SOA Corporate

Clients require consultancy, services and especially new ideas to improve their company. Having new ideas means evolving, having a dynamic approach to their requests. And, being SOA an integral part of their companies, its new ideas become also their ideas.


Marcello Buffon
Managing Director, -20srl

The word courage comes from Latin and it is made up of “cor” and “habeo”. Courage means “having the heart”. To a company it means knowing how to abandon its own consolidated positions and to move towards the new, without any prejudice, with curiosity, with a heart, basically with courage.


Francesco Castellana
Business Manager, New Tecnoservice

Working the passion, loving one’s work is very advantageous. It is profitable for the client, for oneself and for the work-team.  Work, effort, sweat and passion are very important aspects and they help in obtaining excellent results.


Domenico Damiani
Traffic Office Manager

Being reliable is essential. Reliability also means making use of all the strenght, knowledge and experience to face any unexpected event in a careful, fast and efficient manner.


Donato Luccarelli
Production Manager, CS Metalli

Our job consists in listening to our client.  Companies are made of people and people have their stories. It is for this reason that dynamism is an important value: because work, like life and people, is not static. Being flexible in listening and meeting all clients’ requirements, in the best possible way, are much needed.


Francesco Ranieri
Head of Logistics, SOA Corporate

SOA considers diversity a true resource. Its greatest strength lies in being a group made of different people, who have different knowledge, expertise and experiences.
Sharing everybody’s qualities allows to consider the target and strategies to meet it, from different points of view.  This brings great advantages, especially to the client.


Donato Raspatelli
Soa Platform Manager

Feeling like being part of a team is fundamental for reaching the company’s targets.
Excellent results are obtained thanks to a friendly atmosphere on the workplace, where trust and everybody’s commitment are respected.  This is team work.


Michele Brattoli
SOA Logistics Operator

Every day spent at SOA is a new experience.
Gaining experience means being constinuously stimulated, learning to solve unexpected turns, treasuring what has been learnt previously.


Marco Bellini
Soa Platform Officer

It is SOA’s main target.  Much precision is needed in order to satisfy clients: precision on shelves, precision in controlling, at every work stage.  Precision “gets us closer” to our client.


Giulio Spadavecchia
SOA Driver

Transporting goods means also representing the link between SOA and the client. It is a very dynamic job, full of unexpected events.  It requires passion and commitment in order to create a relationship of trust between the client and our group.